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Problems in the maintenance of a commercial building

Commercial buildings are the backbone of the world economy. They provide a physical location for businesses to conduct their operations and a place for the creation and distribution of goods and services. This in return stimulates the economy creates jobs and also generates tax revenue for the government. Commercial buildings also act as a social and community hub as they provide a space for people to shop, dine, and interact. Maintaining these buildings is a complex task. In this article, we will list all the aspects of maintaining a commercial building.

Regular Building Maintenance and Problems

Regular building inspection is crucial as one can identify minor and major issues. Regular Inspection should be done monthly or quarterly by a professional. Common minor problems in regular inspections include leaky faucets or water leaks, flickering or broken lights and broken or uneven flooring. Regular Inspection may also find some major issues. Electrical issues can lead to a fire because of faulty wiring, damaged outlets and overloaded circuits. Regular maintenance can also lead to finding fire safety violations like inoperable fire alarms, expired extinguishers and blocked exits that can endanger the occupants within the building. Structural Concerns such as Water damage, cracks in walls, exposed beams, twisted or distorted columns, and loose railing can compromise the integrity of the building and endanger the occupants within. Slip and fall hazards like poor lighting, leaking fluid or broken flooring/tile work can also be found during regular check-ups.

HVAC maintenance and problems

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. This system regulates internal temperature making it pleasant for the occupants within. Common Problems in HVAC systems include leaky pipes, malfunctioning thermostats, low refrigerant levels and sensor issues. HVAC systems also demand regular maintenance and inspection otherwise, issues such as clogged air filters, closed or blocked vents and dirty ducts will reduce the HVAC’s efficiency and might lead to permanent part failure and higher running costs due to low efficiency. An under-maintained HVAC system may also give off unusual sounds creating noise pollution and a musty odour making the internal environment uncomfortable for the occupants.

Plumbing issues

Issues such as leaky pipes, clogged drains and malfunctioning toilets can lead to higher energy bills and an uncomfortable work and social environment. Leaky pipes and faucets lead to water wastage and promote the growth of hazardous mould. Clogged drains and sewage line backup can disrupt and be a major health hazard.

Building Envelope issues

The envelope of the building refers to the barrier that separates the interior of the building from the outside world. Common issues include pest infiltration, leaky roofs, cracked or damaged siding and deteriorating caulking around windows and doors. Pest infiltration can cause major health hazards and if left unchecked can make a building inhabitable. Leaky roofs, damaged siding and deteriorating caulking around windows can cause slip risks, structural damage due to water, and the growth of hazardous mould all hazardous to the occupants of the building.

Solution: Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional commercial facilities maintenance team will ensure smooth operation as they will take care of all the issues mentioned above and save the building owner(s) a lot of time. Building maintenance tasks can take up a lot of time. Subletting this task can help the concerned party to focus on their core business goals and have peace of mind, knowing that it is being done by a professional.

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