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Online Business that Has Minimal Losses

Currently having one job is not enough for some people who may already have more needs, and also if they are someone who has a family and also a vision and mission in building a relationship, online business is one answer for some people who experience this, Currently, an online business that is run consistently can bring in profits compared to work that takes time from morning to evening, but many people ask can an online business be run but with minimal risk, meaning that you don’t have to spend a lot of capital but also have low risk. We will discuss this business in the following article.

Writing Blogs

If you have a hobby of writing on paper, now is the time for you to write on a blog or website, this is a source of side income that you can get. Writing a blog based on choosing a topic that attracts visitors will bring in lots of readers who stop by your website, then if you already have lots of visitors you can monetize your blog with advertising and sponsors, there are two options for choosing which website platform is suitable for the writer start without needing to have expertise, firstly Blogspot and secondly WordPress.

If you can learn the right SEO techniques, it will be easier for you to appear articles on the first page of search engines to get more visitors and of course your income will increase.


There is still a lot of interest in becoming an influencer now, as can be seen from the many content creators who create entertainment content drastically to increase it. There are currently three popular platforms for becoming an influencer, namely Tik-Tok, Instagram, and also YouTube. It is an online business that can be used as an option to earn extra money but with minimal losses. To become an influencer who is known to many people, it is important to build loyal followers. One way you can attract lots of followers is by creating content that is relevant to the category you choose, such as entertainment, discussing education or making tutorials.

By consistently building followers and having a wider reach of people, it will be easier for you to receive endorsement offers, collaboration with several well-known brands, and you can also sell goods or personal products. The most important thing in building an influencer career is to remain creative in creating content that is always relevant. .

Playing Online Games

Kakek merah slot is a type of online game that currently has many active players. Even though it seems like it’s just for entertainment, it turns out kakek merah slot also has profitable business potential. You can become an affiliate for sites that offer these games and earn a commission from each player who signs up through your affiliate link.

Apart from that, by creating content related to kakek merah slot, such as playing guides, tips and tricks, you can attract lots of visitors to your site or blog. In this way, the opportunity to earn income from advertising or collaboration with sponsors becomes greater.

Online Courses

To be able to earn income from an online course side business, you must be able to learn certain skills and have sufficient knowledge about these skills, for example, if you want to open a car driving course, of course you must have a license and also be proficient in driving, right? The initial capital is low and the job only offers services, of course this side job is very profitable. Apart from that, what you can do is create educational content that can attract new visitors by creating educational content, creating articles and also hosting podcasts. The platforms you can choose are Udemy, Coursera, and Teachable to start this side business.

The advantage of an online course business is the potential for passive income. Once course content is created, you can continue to earn income from sales of that course without requiring significant additional effort. This makes the online course business an option with minimal risk.

Product Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you promote someone else’s product or service and earn a commission from any sales generated through your affiliate link. The main advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to develop your own products. You just need to focus on marketing and promotions.

To start an affiliate business, you can join affiliate programs from various companies such as Amazon, ClickBank, or Rakuten. By using social media, a blog, or a YouTube channel, you can promote affiliate products to a wider audience.

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